Youth Empowerment

The Ninth District has a population of 250,000 and a third of those residents are under the age of 18. Youth in the district face difficult challenges. These obstacles have resulted in the community having the highest high school drop-out rates and lowest rates of college completion in the city.  Councilmember Price will work to reverse this trend by supporting programs and legislation that help all youth in the “New Ninth” reach their full potential.

The Council office is building key partnerships with stakeholders in the community to expand the resources and services available to youth and their families. This will include expanding partnerships with the internationally renowned University of Southern California, as with Mt. St. Mary’s College and LA Trade Technical College.

 The office will also act as a mediator, connecting public and private resources to campuses and local youth. Councilman Price understands that schools are the hubs of our communities, so he will launch and support the opening of health clinics on campuses, as well as the addition of school gardens and other health related programs. Additionally, the office will support bringing enrichment programs after-school and during the summer breaks including Arts related programming and STEM & STEAM programs

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