A Community on the Rise

I am a product of the Ninth District. I was born here, I attended public school here, my foundation was established here and it provided me with the tools I needed to obtain a solid education and eventually become a contributing member of society. I want to make sure that every child in the Ninth District has access to the opportunities I had.

The “New Ninth” will be a district focused on transforming our community and restoring the kinds of core services and programs we need and deserve. From cleaning up our littered alleys to improving our roads and sidewalks, I will make sure that City Hall prioritizes the needs of our neighborhoods – something long overdue.

I am committed to addressing the issues of housing, education, small business development, job creation and homelessness, that plague our community and to identifying new pathways and partnerships to bring us success.

This work is critical but I cannot do it alone. The community must be involved if we are going to make the kind of sustainable change we need and want for the New Ninth. This website will be one of the many ways you can stay connected and informed about what’s happening in your community and where you can learn about ways to get involved.

I get up early, go to bed late and work tirelessly and passionately for those I serve. I invite all of you who are willing to do the same and help me make the “New Ninth” a place we can all be proud to call home.

Thank you!

—Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr.

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