Thank you, Rose!

For Women's History Month allow me to introduce you to Rose Rios, selected as this year’s Ninth District Pioneer Woman.

Rose is a proud Afro-Cuban American, and the Founder and CEO of Cover the Homeless Ministry, a nonprofit dedicated to aid the City’s homeless population. Her organization helps provide everything from meals, to clean clothing, hygiene products and a safe place to sleep.

Rose was born in Lexington Mississippi to sharecroppers and was one of nine children living in a one bedroom home. Her family moved to California in 1951 where her lifelong community service started. Following her parents example, Rose dedicated herself to giving back to the community.  

Rose is a tireless volunteer, who has dedicated her life to humanitarian efforts from fostering children to caring for the elderly. Today, she also makes time to be on the Board of the South Central Family Health Center and continues to be dedicated to those in need.

Women like Rose drive change in their community and inspire hope for the future. To women, everywhere. ¡Que vivan las mujeres! 

All my best,


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