Showering the Community with CARE

On Oct. 23, the cleaning and rapid engagement (CARE) hygiene trailer made a stop in South LA giving homeless Angelenos an opportunity to use the facilities. The pilot program is expected to roll out throughout the City by February 2020, including one hygiene trailer dedicated solely to The NEW 9th. 

"The simple act of taking a shower is something many of us take for granted yet not everyone has the luxury to do so," said Councilman Curren Price, who is advocating for more homelessness resources in his District. "We anticipate that the addition of these trailers throughout the City will make a positive impact on each person that gets to use them."

The trailer is equipped with three restrooms and showers, one of which is wheelchair accessible. Individuals who use the facility receive a hygiene kit, which includes soap, a tooth brush, tooth paste and a razor.

The service is currently being managed by the outreach group Urban Alchemy who conduct short interviews prior to allowing participation. During the interview process, their number one priority is assessing the needs of the person. Since the inception of the program in September, they have been able to connect individuals with a chance to take a shower while helping to restore confidence and dignity.

The facility was received well by the community with many individuals leaving feeling rejuvenated. One of the participants came out singing after his shower, while another person expressed gratitude for simply being able to shave.

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