Shining a Light on CD 9’s Clean and Green Ambassadors

On Sept. 13, in a display of community, local District 9 neighbors joined forces to organize a clean-up to benefit their Trinity and 22nd streets neighborhood.

Special thank you to: Nicolas Gomez, Neftali Chavez, Luz Maria Castellanos and Lucelva Zarate for leading the change across South Los Angeles by helping to improve the quality of life for CD 9 residents. Their willingness to personally remove litter and trash from streets and sidewalks, and efforts to get neighbors to properly dispose of large bulky items, makes this dream team District 9 Clean & Green Ambassadors.

With more people staying home, the accumulation of unwanted items can begin to pile up but the City of Los Angeles has a resource available to everyone to use to help maintain a clean and safe environment for our families. Remember, keeping South LA clean is everybody’s responsibility. Download the MyLA311 app or dial 3-1-1 to report bulky-item pick up, illegal dumping and access other City services for FREE. Click here for more information.

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