Safe Passage Workers: Guardians in the Community

Councilman Curren Price stopped by Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center on Aug. 11 to meet with Safe Passage workers hired to create safe park environments. 

This summer, Safe Passage was implemented at two other locations in District 9, including Slauson Recreation Center and Vermont Square Park. The community-driven program, in partnership with the nonprofit Community Build, Inc., employs up to 20 workers to build relationships in the community and ensure local children and families can travel safely. 

“Safe Passage allows our community at-large to feel safer as they live their lives whether traveling to and from home or to local parks or shopping at nearby stores,” said Councilman Price. “This role is being carried out by former gang members, mothers and individuals who are not only familiar with the area but love their community and want to use the life lessons they have learned to build their community up.”

Councilman Price said he would like to expand such programs in District 9 as the City continues to work on efforts to improve public safety. 

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