Price Helps Lead the Effort to Secure $15 Minimum Wage for L.A.


Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr. issued the following statement Wednesday regarding the City Council’s approval of a Minimum Wage Ordinance:

 “Today, Los Angeles cemented its role as a progressive leader for the nation. Today, this City Council enacted the most aggressive anti-poverty legislation in the nation, helping to lift hundreds of thousands of hardworking Angelenos out of poverty. Today we made history. I am very proud of the process that got us here, that led to the creation of a measured wage policy that takes into consideration the special needs of small businesses and non-profits. And we are not done, since several pieces of this policy still need to be deliberated and finalized, as should be expected with something this broad and far-reaching. I look forward to discussing these issues further, ensuring that we make this minimum wage policy the model for the state and the nation.”  

 Councilman Price was one of the original co-authors of the Minimum Wage proposal, and as Chair of the Economic Development Committee, he led the deliberation process which included more than eight public hearings, three studies, a peer review report, and significant committee debate. As the elected official for the Ninth Council District, he also represents one of the highest concentrations of low-income, and poverty wage earners, in the City. The Minimum Wage Ordinance was approved by the City Council Wednesday, 13-1. It will be up for a second vote next week, to finalize the ordinance. Several items will continue to be studied by the Economic Development Committee including a paid leave policy, the role of service charges and the definition of an employee. To review the ordinance, and all committee materials, click here

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