Price Issues Statement Following the LAPD Police Commission’s Findings on Death of Ezell Ford


Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr. issued the following statement Tuesday following the LAPD Police Commission’s Findings on the Investigation of the Death of Ezell Ford:

“Los Angeles has come a long way over the last few decades, and good work has gone into making our police system more transparent, efficient and fair. The investigative process that we have seen unfold over the course of 10 months, culminating today, is an example of those reforms in action.The Ezell Ford case though, and other incidents involving use of police force in our City and across the country, let us know that we still have more work to do before we can truly heal and develop the kind of trust we need between the police and our community. Critical to this process is ensuring that people are held accountable for their actions when policies are not followed, and that we have the courage and will to change policies when they no longer serve the best interest of our residents.I applaud the Police Commission for the tremendous amount of volunteer hours they have devoted to this investigation. Now we owe it to the Ford family and our entire community, to act with urgency in responding to the commission’s findings. Beyond that, we should use this as an opportunity to continue developing programs to bridge the gap between law enforcement and our communities of color. The future of our City depends on it.” 


New Los Angeles Soccer Stadium and L.A. Convention Center Renovation to be Discussed by Economic Development Committee

Los Angeles – The Los Angeles Economic Development Committee will discuss ways the Los Angeles Football Club Stadium Development Project at Tuesday’s Committee Hearing as the team looks to kick off its inaugural season with Major League Soccer Season in 2018. The new development will reinvent the current site of the Los Angeles Sports Arena, adding a new 22,000 seat Soccer stadium and more than 100,000 square feet of restaurant and office space, a conference center and a Soccer Museum to the Exposition Center. The new stadium project is expected to add more than 1,200 new construction jobs and some 1,800 full-time jobs, as well as $2.5 million in annual tax revenue for the City.

“This project will not only bring LA’s thousands of Soccer Fans a new home team to cheer for, it would be huge investment for the district I represent and the entire City, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to maximize its benefit to the community,” said Councilman Curren Price, who Chairs the Economic Development Committee and whose district includes the Sports Arena site.

The Economic Development Committee will also be updated Tuesday on the status of the Los Angeles Convention Center’s $350 million renovation and expansion process which will include discussion on the design competition that is currently being held for the project. The Convention Center’s upgrade is the first the space will receive in more than two decades and its completion is critical for Los Angeles to position itself as a as a citywide convention destination. The Committee will also hear two motions authored by Councilman Price, including one to study the feasibility of 1,000 room hotel on the Convention Center site. Current reports show that the Convention Center needs some 8,000 rooms to accommodate 90 percent of the Convention market. The committee will also hear a motion on ways to increase the City’s revenues from surrounding parking lots. Councilman Price will have models of the current design plans on display in the rotunda of City Hall.

“As a world class city, Los Angeles deserves a world class Convention Center, and that is what I am committed to approving,” Councilman Price added.

When: Tuesday June 9, 2015 1:00 PM
Where: City Hall, Room 1010


Economic Development Committee Approves Recommendations for City-wide Minimum Wage Policy

The new wage would reach $15 by July 1, 2020, helping to lift more than 600,000 Angelenos out of poverty

Los Angeles – The minimum wage in Los Angeles would increase to $15 by 2020, with a delayed wage schedule for small businesses and non-profits with fewer than 25 employees, under a series of recommendations approved today by the City’s Economic Development Committee. The committee instructed the City attorney to begin drafting an ordinance for the new policy which would also increase wages annually, based on the average CPI over the previous 20 years, beginning July 1, 2022 and would include monitoring of impacts and a hardship waiver for non-profits meeting certain criteria that includes serving transitional employees or receiving most of their funding from state and federal funding that goes towards at least 50 percent of their payroll.

“We cannot have a robust local economy, with successful small businesses that benefit from a solid local customer base, if more than a third of Angelenos cannot afford a decent place to live, let alone a meal out or the occasional new pair of shoes,” said Councilman Curren Price, Chair of the Economic Development Committee and an author of the minimum wage policy. “This is about bringing equity to our City and ensuring that all families, in all parts of the City and from all backgrounds, can survive and thrive in LA.”

The proposal for a city-wide minimum wage policy is a result of a motion introduced last fall by Councilman Curren Price along with his colleagues, Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Mike Bonin and Gil Cedillo, which called for raising wages in Los Angeles to $13.25 by 2017 and $15.25 by 2019. The Economic Development Committee later commissioned a study on the economic impacts of their proposal, which was performed by the University of California Berkeley. The Economic Impact report, The Proposed Minimum Wage Law for Los Angeles: Economic Impacts and Policy Options, found that “the benefits of the proposed minimum wage law will largely outweigh the costs in Los Angeles City, and when the larger region is considered, the net impact of the law will be positive.” The report also found that up to 600,000 Angelenos would see a pay increase of up to 30 percent by 2019, with the largest proportion of those residents – more than 80 percent - being people of color from underserved communities. Councilman Price also called on key stakeholders, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, to produce their own economic impact reports to ensure diverse perspectives on the issue. To encourage further debate and gather critical community input, Councilman Price also hosted Economic Development Committee hearings throughout the city and he commissioned a peer review of all studies.

"Since last fall, our City has been involved in an important discussion regarding an increase to the minimum wage and today my colleagues and I discussed the many tough questions before us. Now I believe that our City is one step closer to a fair minimum wage that works for businesses and employees and ensures a better future for families in the Sixth District. We are not done yet but these conversations will improve our final legislation and, after these conversations, I am proud to support this legislation,” said Councilwoman Nury Martinez. “This is a big, big deal," said Councilmember Mike Bonin. "Hard working Angelenos deserve a fair wage for a day's work and we are now one major step closer to winning economic justice for workers in our neighborhoods and economic prosperity for the small businesses where this additional income will be spent. I, and hundreds of thousands of workers throughout Los Angeles are incredibly appreciative of Councilmember Price and the Committee's stewardship of this historic proposal as it went through a thorough committee process."

“Today is a historic day in Los Angeles, where we have shown true leadership and continue to life the average worker up from poverty,” said Councilman Gil Cedillo. “Today’s action along with the enforcement tools we moved last week will ensure workers receive the wages and respect they deserve.”

The committee’s approved recommendations will have to be finalized by the full Council before being drafted by the City Attorney. The Council is expected to take up the item next week.


South LA Misses Out on Second Round of Promise Zone but Leaders Commit to Realizing Established Goals of Historic Coalition

Los Angeles - South Los Angeles was not selected as a designated “Promise Zone” by the Housing and Urban Development Department this week during the second round of the Obama Administration’s signature anti-poverty program, but local leaders stressed their support for the the application that gained support from more than 100 community organizations and elected officials.

 “While I am disappointed that our proposal was not chosen, I remain committed to implementing the goals we laid out in our plan, and equally proud of the historic coalition we built to bring this effort forward,” said Councilman Curren Price, who helped champion the proposal.

 Led by Los Angeles Trade Tech College, more than 100 community partners came together last summer to collaborate on the competitive application, including representatives from Los Angeles Unified School District, the University of Southern California, UCLA, the LA Chamber of Commerce, Community Coalition, Brotherhood Crusade, LA’s Promise, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development, and CD Tech among others.

The result of the work was a thorough and detailed proposal to build and expand on the effective strategies already taking place in our South LA neighborhoods to increase educational opportunities for youth and build stronger pathways to careers in the community, said LATTC President Larry Frank.


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Councilman Curren Price Celebrates Launch of Bond Assistance Program Los Angeles 2.0

The Bond Assistance Program Los Angeles (BAPLA) is an economic driver benefiting small local businesses in a recovering economy. BAPLA will celebrate the expansion of the program added services of Contractor Development on April 29, 2015 at Bradley Tower, City Hall as they formally announce the launch of BAPLA 2.0 the Contractor Bonding & Development Program.

BAPLA has conducted workshops throughout the City, including in the Ninth District, connecting small contractors with opportunities while at the same time helping City departments achieve their contracting objectives. Councilman Price celebrated these efforts stating that more contracts to small local businesses translate into more jobs for the local community.

“By eliminating the bonding barrier, the City is able to increase the number of qualified contractors able to bid on City work, and when a contractor from BAPLA is a successful low bidder, the City captures contract cost savings, a win-win for the small contractor and the City,” said Councilman Curren Price.

Since 2005 the Bond Assistance Program has assisted small local, minority and woman-owned contractors attain bonding to bid on City of Los Angeles contracts. Program participants were successful in securing over $64 Million in contract awards and ultimately saved the City over $2 Million in contracting costs from their competitive bids.

“The Bond Assistance Program immediately set me up for a $500,000 bond limit. Increasing my bonding line gave me the opportunity to pursue a project with Skanska. With an increased bond limit, I intend to go out and pursue more projects. The program enables contractors to go after jobs they couldn't go after before,” says Rod Edison, contractor of Max Out.

BAPLA 2.0 will further enhance the City’s effort in supporting smaller contractor businesses as well as further the City’s goals of greater diversity and inclusion in a competitive contractor market.

"The City of L.A. recognizes that in strengthening the capacity of small local contractors, they are investing in local economic and local job growth. This growth will have a far reaching multiplicative impact filtering more dollars through the City's diverse communities, generating greater tax revenue for the City and reducing the City's contracting cost by enabling more small contractors to compete for the City's business. This is classic "good governance" and the Los Angeles small local business community should be proud of their City," said Ingrid Merriwether, President & CEO of Merriwether & Williams. The Contractor Bonding & Development Program is administered by Merriwether & Williams, a progressive and socially conscious risk management consulting firm specializing in serving communities throughout the State of California.


Councilman Curren Price Invites Community to L.A.U.R.A Walk

Life After Uncivil Ruthless Acts will hold its 8th Annual Unity and Peace Resource Fair in South Central Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Councilman Curren Price will join hundreds of local residents at the 8th Annual Life After Uncivil Ruthless Acts (L.A.U.R.A.) Unity and Peace Resource Fair on April 11, 2015 at Fred Roberts Recreation Center. The walk will continue along the neighboring community to commemorate the lives of homicide victims and to raise awareness of the growing violence that plagues many communities.

The goal of the walk is to one day break the cycle of violence within South Central and throughout the city of Los Angeles. There will be a community resource fair that will begin at 10:00 a.m which will include fun-filled activities, live entertainment, special guests, food, and prizes. Special awards will also be presented to outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the community. 

This year’s awardees include: 

Outstanding Civic Leader Award:  Lenore Anderson, Executive Director of Californians for Safety and Justice

Distinguished Service Award: Mark Mariscal, Superintendent, L.A. City Recreation and Parks

Youth Leader Award: Dominik Onate, Law student at Pepperdine University

Youth Recognition Award: Yobany Cabrera

Organizers anticipate over 2,000 participants and attendees from throughout the Ninth District to promote a safer community while also remembering those they have lost. L.A.U.R.A. volunteers along with sponsors, community leaders, and law enforcement officials are partnering up to help transform Los Angeles into a violence-free area where generations can grow up in a thriving environment. As a non-profit organization, L.A.U.R.A. was founded by Adela Barajas in loving memory of her sister-in-law, Laura Sanchez, who was murdered in a “drive-by” shooting on March 18, 2007. The organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of South Central residents by providing various resources and support services in the community.


WonderCon Lands in Los Angeles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   


As Chair of the Economic Development, and Council Representative for the LA Convention Center, Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr. issued the following statement regarding WonderCon’s move to Los Angeles in 2016


“I am thrilled to have Los Angeles be the new home for Wonder Con and am eager to work with Comic Con International to ensure their 2016 Convention is the best yet! This event, which drew more than 60,000 visitors last year, will bring a tremendous benefit to our local economy, not only in additional spending at local shops and restaurants but also with new jobs created to meet the demands of our new visitors. As we move forward with plans to upgrade and enhance our existing Convention Center, this news helps to cement our City’s role as a premier meeting and event location.”



Councilman Price Issues $50,000 Reward in Hit and Run of 86-year-old Woman

Victim still in serious conditions after suffering multiple broken bones and fractures being struck near USC on March 16

Los Angeles – Councilman Curren D. Price Jr. announced Thursday his introduction of a motion securing a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for hitting an 86 year old woman in North University Park earlier this month. Barbara Summerfield was crossing the street, at Adams Boulevard and Figueroa on the morning of March 16 when she was struck by a silver colored Infinity SUV. Summerfield remains in critical condition after suffering multiple injuries from the strike including two broken legs, cracked ribs, a quadruple pelvis fracture, and head injuries. Councilman Price joined LAPD Traffic Division officials as well as members of the Summerfield family, to announce the reward and urge residents to come forward with any information in the case.

“A retired LAX drug officer, Barbara Summerfield was known by her loved ones as a tough woman who remained active in her church and community. As she continues to fight for her life, today we stand up for her, to ensure that whoever is responsible for this terrible act is brought to justice,” said Councilman Price.

LAPD South Traffic Division Detective Graciela Brady, explained that the suspect collided with Summerfield, then continued driving northbound on Figueroa Street. After driving one block, the suspect made a U-Turn and drove past the victim as he sped south around the USC campus.

“We hope this reward will encourage people to come forward to report whatever they know, so we can apprehend the person responsible,” Detective Brady said.

Officials said there has been a spike in the number of pedestrian related accidents in the South Los Angeles area and he urged drives and residents to use caution when driving in pedestrian heavy areas. Councilman Price also called on drivers to stop and give aid if they are ever in a pedestrian related collision.

“Don’t let an accident turn into a crime,” Councilman Price said. “If you’re in an accident, make sure you stop and deliver help to any victims, it could make the difference between life and death.”

Footage of the hit and run collision is available at, in their Media “Newsroom.” If you have any information please contact Detective Brady, South Traffic Division at (323) 421-2500.


UC Berkeley Study of Minimum Wage Finds that Benefits of Proposed Increase Outweigh Costs for City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles –The City’s current proposal to raise the minimum wage in Los Angeles to $15.25 by 2019 would improve the lives of more than 600,000 Angelenos and create a positive economic impact for Los Angeles, a report released Thursday by the University of California Berkeley found. The Economic Impact report, The Proposed Minimum Wage Law for Los Angeles: Economic Impacts and Policy Options, found that “the benefits of the proposed minimum wage law will largely outweigh the costs in Los Angeles City, and when the larger region is considered, the net impact of the law will be positive.” The report also found that up to 600,000 Angelenos would see a pay increase of up to 30 percent by 2019, with the largest proportion of those residents – more than 80 percent - being people of color from underserved communities.

The study was commissioned by the City of Los Angeles as a result of a motion introduced last fall by Councilman Curren Price along with his colleagues, Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Mike Bonin and Gil Cedillo, which called for raising the minimum wage in Los Angeles to $13.25 by 2017 and $15.25 by 2019. Mayor Eric Garcetti also laid out his proposal to raise wages in Los Angeles last summer to $13.25 by 2017. Both proposals would attach future increases to the Consumer Price Index ( CPI).  

“As a policy maker, representing one of the poorest regions in this City, I know the real life impact that stagnant wages have had on our underserved communities,” said Councilmember Curren Price.

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Councilman Curren Price and Community Members Celebrate New Soccer Fields for South LA

Los Angeles – South Los Angeles community members will help Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr., the Coca‑Cola Foundation, the National Recreation and Parks Association and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks unveil two new soccer fields at Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fully renovated soccer fields will provide a fun and welcoming environment for youth in the community to gather.

“Since taking office I have been committed to expanding and improving clean and green spaces in our community for families to enjoy and Gilbert W. Lindsay Recreation Center was one of several parks on my wish list. I am honored that Coca-Cola has stepped up to help refurbish these empty fields bringing one of our most beloved sports to this neighborhood – soccer,” said Councilmember Price. “This partnership demonstrates the positive impact that can happen when government and the private sector work together toward a common goal.”

In addition to the two new soccer fields, Coca-Cola, through a partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association, is providing a grant to fund clinics and youth programs. These improvements will help the center service hundreds more community members per week.

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