Pilgrimage Symbolizes Sacrifice Endured by Immigrants


On June 15, I had the privilege to recognize Consejo Romerista Intersectiorial El Salvador (CRIES) in Council Chambers. For the past couple of weeks, members of CRIES took part in “Monsignor Romero Pilgrimage, the Passage of the Migrant” to raise awareness of immigrant rights.

The pilgrimage began in El Salvador, passed through Guatemala, made its way to Mexico, and is now here in Southern California. Their journey was a visual for people to reflect and better understand the plight of immigrants.

Throughout their trek, our friends carried a 5’7, life-size image of Monsignor Oscar Romero, a Catholic Archbishop whose teachings focused on the humane treatment of all people. Until this day, Monsignor Romero’s legacy remains strong in both El Salvador and the United States as a symbol of hope, compassion and kindness.

Romero’s sculpture will continue visiting churches of different denominations in California, spreading the message of justice embodied by the beloved Salvadoran Archbishop.

I commend this organization for creating consciousness on this very important issue and reminding us to do our part in protecting the lives and human dignity of migrants worldwide. This is a message that hits very close to home in my District, which has a predominantly Latino community, including many Salvadorans. 


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