Ordinance Would Require Some Businesses to Rehire Workers Based on Seniority Following COVID-19 Pandemic

On Wednesday, April 22, the LA City Council voted unanimously to draft a “right-of-recall” ordinance that would ensure janitorial, maintenance, hotel and airport workers laid off amid the COVID-19 outbreak would have the opportunity to reclaim their jobs once the pandemic is over and the economy begins to recover.

The plan would require industries such as hospitality, large event centers, property management services and airport employers to offer laid off employees their jobs back based on seniority once they start rehiring. Former employees would have five days to respond to the recall opportunity.

“One of the first policies I worked on when I came to this Council was the Hotel Living Wage,” said Councilman Curren Price. “We raised wages of hospitality workers throughout this City to $15.37 an hour, and paved the way for a citywide minimum wage to follow. But we began the fight for the hotel workers because historically, they have been underpaid by businesses that are benefiting from the tourism that this City generates.

“I think it is fitting that during this time of emergency, that the Council once again acts to protect these vulnerable workers, many of whom have been laid-off, by enacting a right-of-recall.”

The ordinance is expected to come back for a final vote on April 29.

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