NEW 9th Welcomes the USC Village

(Photo Credit: Michael Owen Baker)

The USC Village opened to much fanfare and excitement this Thursday, signaling a turning point for the University of Southern California, the City and South LA community.

The mixed-use development USC Village features 15 acres of new construction, including housing for more than 2,500 USC students, as well as new retail and restaurant options for the entire community to enjoy. Among the popular retailers now open for business are Target and Trader Joe's.

“This is another giant step in the right direction for my District,” said Councilman Price, who represents CD 9 where USC is located. “The completion of the USC Village is very special for me because it’s another piece of the puzzle to a more prosperous and thriving South LA.

“Throughout this entire process, USC listened and understands that college students and community members have a lot in common such as the need for good-paying jobs, shopping options and special places to connect.”

The USC Village created thousands of temporary and permanent jobs with a local hiring commitment. In addition, the project is part of a robust development agreement that is taking economic development efforts in the New Ninth to major level. The immediate and surrounding South LA community will receive public benefits that include a $20 million commitment for affordable housing; a community room open to everyone, along with much-needed open space for all to enjoy; a new fire station; and partnerships with local schools and local small and diverse businesses.


 (Photo Credit:Gus Ruelas



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