LA City Council Holds Emergency Meeting to Provide Support to Angelenos During COVID-19 Pandemic

The LA City Council held an emergency meeting on Friday, March 27 to approve key measures that help individuals and families cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. During the lengthy, hours-long session, the City Council approved the following ordinances:

  • Coronavirus eviction moratorium that protects residential and commercial tenants. Evictions for individuals and businesses that are not able to pay the rent during the emergency period due to COVID-19 are temporarily halted. Residential tenants will have up to one year following the expiration of the emergency to repay any back rent due. Commercial tenants would have three months to pay back any missed rent payments. Landlords would not be able to charge late fees or interest.
  • Businesses with 500 or more employees nationally will be required to offer 80 hours of paid sick leave to their workers for COVID-19 related absences. 
  • Safeguards for grocery, drug store and food delivery workers that provides flexible work schedules to address childcare, family and healthcare needs during the emergency, and protects workers from retaliation.
  • Food retail stores must designate the first hour of each shopping day for seniors and those with disabilities.

Have questions about LA's eviction moratorium? Contact HCID's hotline at (866) 557-7368 or visit

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