Councilmembers Price and Ryu Demand Answers

On Wednesday, June 10, Councilmembers Curren Price and David Ryu co-presented a motion demanding an investigation of the tactics the LAPD used during what began as a peaceful protest on Saturday, May 30 near Pan Pacific Park and the Fairfax District.

The disturbing images and videos of peaceful protesters being brutalized by members of the LAPD demands swift action and a comprehensive review of the excessive force used against Angelenos who were simply utilizing their constitutional right to demonstrate,” said Councilmember Price. “While this is but one specific instance, it reveals a clear need to reassess current departmental protocols for crowd control and de-escalation. The use of rubber bullets, tear gas and batons against demonstrators while dispersing the crowds not only exhibit actions that were aggressive but potentially lethal and requires answers.”

The motion asks for an in depth review and explanation of crowd control strategies and use of force tactics at the May 30 demonstration from the LAPD, the independent Office of the Inspector General, and the Department of Civil and Human Rights. The motion also seeks independent investigations of the use of less-than-lethal weapons, complaints filed against LAPD for use of excessive force in dispersing peaceful demonstrators, as well as claims of LAPD not intervening against acts of arson, looting and vandalism.

Also on June 10, the LAPD announced that they have launched their own independent investigation into the allegations of misconduct and have assigned 40 investigators looking at 56 complaint investigations, with 28 involving alleged uses of force. At this time, seven officers have been assigned to non-field duties.

For complaints related to the protests, email [email protected] Individuals can also make a complaint through the Office of the Inspector General at (213) 893 6400 or [email protected]

Any person who believes they were wrongfully accused of a crime, unjustly injured, or experienced misconduct on the part of an officer can make a complaint with the Department's Internal Affairs Group hotline at (800) 339-6868.

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