Councilman Price Protests Against Police Brutality and Racism


On Saturday, June 6, Councilman Curren Price joined thousands of demonstrators at Leimert Park for a peaceful protest in honor of George Floyd and the many Black lives lost in police encounters and other racial violence.

“There was an air of solemness and comfort throughout the crowd,” said Councilman Price. “I stood side by side with LAPD Chief Michel Moore in solidarity for the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that represented the length of time the knee of disgraced Officer Derek Chauvin was on George Floyd’s neck. It was a heart wrenching moment, painful to think of how he and so many others have been murdered for no other reason but for the color of our skin.”

From the LGBTQ African American woman to the Latina mother with her son, college educated millennials and law enforcement across the ranks, the wave of protests held in Los Angeles and around the world have been filled with people from all sides of the globe demanding complete equality, inclusion and justice for all.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done, souls need to be healed and promises need to be kept,” added Price. “We must seize this opportunity to advance our society into a more tolerant and balanced system; it is our duty to do right by our neighbors, not turn our backs on each other, and march forward toward progress.”

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