Councilman Price Calls for Swift Action in CHP Beating

Councilman Curren Price Releases Statement Calling for a Speedy Investigation and Swift Action in CHP Beating Case: 

" Like many of you, I was shocked and appalled when I saw the footage of 51 year old Marlene Pinnock being struck repeatedly by a CHP officer. It is critical that we get all the facts in this case quickly and that officials provide the appropriate disciplinary action without delay.

CHP leaders have said publicly that they are shocked by this footage and that they plan to act  to investigate this matter fully. I applaud their statements – we must hold them accountable and I look to our State legislators to hold them to task. I hope we get the same sense of urgency from federal officials who are looking into civil rights violations. I’d also like to call on all of our law enforcement partners to be sensitive to the concerns that are being raised by our community at this time. We have had a history of tension with police in our community, but we have come a long way and worked hard to build trust. We must continue on that path. " 


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