City Council Approves Councilman Curren Price's Motion to Reduce $150 Million from LAPD Budget, and Reinvest $100 Million into Communities of Color

On July 1, the  City Council supported Councilman Curren Price's plan to reduce $150 million from the LAPD 2020-2021 budget and reinvest $100 million of those dollars into Black and Brown communities for youth work programs, local hire efforts, and other social services benefiting disenfranchised communities.
The proposal, which passed on a 12 to 2 vote, redirects $90 million into communities of color, re-envisioning public safety, as well as the City’s targeted local hire program. In addition, it sets aside $10 million for summer youth employment opportunities benefiting disadvantaged communities. 
"As the co-chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, I am proud to have carried the motion across the finish line as it was intended - to deliver a more promising future for the people of Los Angeles," said Councilman Price. "This is a step forward in supporting communities of color in the ways in which they deserve, with respect, dignity and a more even playing field. We have been put to the test to disrupt the status quo, to be creative and intentional in our actions, and most importantly, to give up on the old ways of thinking, which garnered the same old results."
Part of the direction that came from the Budget and Finance Committee hearing Monday, June 29, is for City departments to report back on a community engagement strategy that will allow residents to provide input on how the money should be spent. This could include initiatives that re-envision public safety, and other programs by the City like rental assistance, small business emergency microloans, and others.
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