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COVID-19 Small Business Resources (Financial)




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Coming soon for local businesses in District 9! The City of LA is launching “Comeback Checks" this fall, a financial recovery program to support struggling for-profit small businesses that are recovering from the COVID-19 aftermath. A total of $37 million in “Comeback Checks” will be available for the City’s small businesses.

Stay tuned for more information! Contact EWDD's BusinessSource Centers for assistance and updates: 









For more detailed information on each of these programs please visit: EWDD Finance Programs


Main Street Small Business Tax Credit


As of December 1st, small business owners (100 employees or fewer) can begin to apply for a Small Business Tax Credit. Click here for more information on how to reserve tax credits and where to get help to reserve tax credits.

California Rebuilding Fund(Loan)


California has launched a new fund that is meant to support small businesses as they adapt and navigate the effects of COVID-19. The California Rebuilding Fund is a partnership between public and private sector entities to provide California small businesses—particularly businesses in underbanked parts of the state—with access to responsible, affordable capital to help them survive and rebuild from this crisis.



SBA Payroll Protection Program


 The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) provides loans to help businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. SBA is currently offering:

Starting February 24,the Small Business Administration has announced program changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in bringing more equity to minority owned businesses. Some of those changes include:

  • Establish a 14-day, exclusive PPP loan application period for businesses and nonprofits with fewer than 20 employees
  • Allow sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals to receive more financial support by revising the PPP’s funding formula for these categories of applicants
  • Eliminate an exclusionary restriction on PPP access for small business owners with prior non-fraud felony convictions, consistent with a bipartisan congressional proposal
  • Eliminate PPP access restrictions on small business owners who have struggled to make federal student loan payments by eliminating federal student loan debt delinquency and default as disqualifiers to participating in the PPP; and
  • Ensure access for non-citizen small business owners who are lawful U.S. residents by clarifying that they may use Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to apply for the PPP.

For more information on PPP please visit:

SBA is currently accepting Paycheck Protection Program PPP loan applications from participating lenders. Lender Match can help connect you with a lender. You can also view all lenders near you on a map.


COVID 19 Emergency Injury Disaster Loan


This loan provides economic relief to small businesses and nonprofit organizations that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue.  In response to COVID-19, small business owners, including agricultural businesses, and nonprofit organizations in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories can apply for the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). 

To learn more please visit: Small Business Administration EIDL



Los Angeles County Stabilization Loan Program


The Los Angeles County Development Authority will soon launch an affordable and flexible business loan program to support and help stabilize businesses in the region. Small Business Stabilization Loans range from $50,000 to $3 million, and can be used for working capital, equipment purchases, inventory, or refinancing of existing loans at higher interest rates.  

Interest rate:
Fixed Wall Street Journal Prime rate. (Currently at 3.25%)

Loan Term:
Working Capital - 5-7 years.
Equipment - Up to 10 years.
Real Estate Acquisition and Construction - Up to 20 years.

For more information please visit:

Opportunity Fund



Offers working capital and equipment loans from $2,600 to $250,000 in CA and select other states. They are currently building a Small Business Relief Fund to serve our existing borrowers and other small business owners in need due to the current crisis. For more information: (866) 299-8173 [email protected]



Venturize-logo.png is a free online resource hub for small business owners like you who need help accessing tools and resources to grow their businesses. Venturize offers unbiased information about small business loans, retirement and healthcare. It can be daunting to identify the best lender and loan for your small business. Venturize can help demystify common business financing products and help you prepare to own the borrowing process.  Visit the online resource hub:


California IBank 


Provides low-interest and state-guaranteed business loans and microloans for small business borrowers who have been impacted by regional disasters and who need term loans or lines of credit for working capital. Please visit:

California Capital Access Program (CalCAP)


For Small Business encourages banks and other financial institutions to make loans to small businesses that have difficulty obtaining financing.  If you own a small business and need a loan for start-up, expansion or working capital, you may eligible for this program.  CalCAP is a loan loss reserve program which may provide up to 100% coverage on losses as a result of certain loan defaults.  Loans are available up to $5 million.  Please visit:



Jewish Free Loan Association



JFLA Free Loan is here to help you or someone you know with a no fee and interest-free loan of up to $10,000 to cover: Small business losses; Lost wages because you can’t go in to work; Child care costs when schools are closed; Funds lost due to cancelled travel plans and more. To apply visit 



Interested in selling your business? Want market value? 

Do you know about employee ownership? 


Councilmember Curren Price announced a new employee ownership program designed to provide a succession planning solution for business owners by helping workers secure a pathway to business ownership, stabilize the local economy against gentrification and loss of local companies. The latest initiative is in partnership with Project Equity, a nonprofit focused on helping business owners preserve their legacy through employee ownership with the support of Citi Community Development.

The program comes at a time when baby boomer business owners are retiring, which means the local business landscape in the City of Los Angeles is poised to go through a dramatic shift. Coupled with the impacts of COVID-19, small businesses need solutions to help them be resilient into the next generation.

While selling your business on the market might seem like the best choice, did you know that the vast majority of businesses put on the market don’t sell? There is another option that you may not have considered. If you would like to sell your business at market value, keep your business in our District, and preserve your legacy, consider an employee buyout.


Project Equity is offering you a free one-on-one consultation to learn more about succession options and employee buyouts. 

Contact Project Equity today for a free consultation at 415-991-3427 or 



COVID 19 Personal Protective Equipment for Small Business


The PPE Unite™ program is a joint effort to give small business owners and their employees access to much-needed personal protective gear. This public and private partnership program creates access to PPE, promotes PPE use, and provides additional resources for businesses. We need to work together to safely reopen our local economy for the health of our businesses and the general public.

Get your 30 day supply of free Personal Protective Equipment to keep your business compliant and employees safe. Sign up now to get PPE while supplies last.

To sign up please visit:


Safer L.A. Toolkits

Throughout the response to the COVID-19 crisis, City, County and State governments have worked together to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of Angelenos and all Californians. Our goal is to help workers and businesses take responsible steps toward resuming work, serving customers and rebuilding our economy.

After the State of California set minimum standards for local jurisdictions, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued safety protocols that are required for all businesses operating within the City of Los Angeles.

As the City of Los Angeles  begins to open up businesses in phases, we urge you to please visit Safer LA Tool Kits for examples of signage you can use and best practices for specific industries.  One of the first industries to receive guidance thus far is retail.  Below you will see guidance for retail.  Check back to see future guidance as they become available at 



L.A. Represents: Small Business Legal Resources

LA Represents is an unprecedented legal assistance initiative to help thousands of Angelenos who are facing extreme hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information please visit:



Is your small business in need of legal assistance?

Bet Tzedek helps small business owners in Los Angeles find free legal resources to address problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For more information please visit: Bet Tzdek Small Business Legal Help


L.A. Al Fresco



L.A. Al Fresco aims to help local businesses reopen safely, and allow customers and employees to maintain physical distancing, by temporarily relaxing the rules that regulate outdoor dining.

On May 29, Mayor Garcetti launched the first phase of L.A. Al Fresco to support outdoor dining opportunities for restaurants hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, in coordination with the L.A. County Department of Public Health allowing dine-in service at restaurants. Through L.A. Al Fresco Phase 1, the City is offering streamlined, immediate approval for eligible businesses to provide outdoor seating in the following areas:

Private Parking Lots
Through Phase 2, launched on June 26, the City is offering streamlined approval for outdoor dining in the following areas:

Street Parking Spaces (Parklets)
Lane Closures
Street Closures
In this new stage of this effort, 55% of program resources will be directed to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) businesses or located in areas that have experienced disproportionate job loss due to COVID-19.

To apply and for more information please visit: L.A. Al Fresco



Employment/Resources for Employees

What employees are entitled to may be confusing.  The following link makes it easier to understand what resources may be available:

More information below.


The following benefits are available for employees:

Disability Insurance:

Available if you’re unable to work due to medical quarantine or illness related to COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional). This benefit is a short-term benefit payment to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages due to a non-work-related illness, injury, or pregnancy.

The benefit includes approximately 60-70% of wages (depending on income); ranges from $50-$1,300 a week for up to 52 weeks.

Paid Family Leave:

Available if you’re unable to work because you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional).

This benefit provides up to six weeks of benefit payments to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages because they need time off work to care for a seriously ill family member.

The benefit includes approximately 60-70% of wages (depending on income); ranges from $50-$1,300 a week for up to 6 weeks.

Unemployment Insurance:

Available If you have lost your job or have had your hours reduced for reasons related to COVID-10.

This benefit provides partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own. The benefit includes a range from $40-450 per week for up to 26 weeks.

Paid Sick Leave:

If you or a family member are sick or for preventative care when civil authorities recommend quarantine. The benefit includes the leave you have accumulated or your employer has provided to you under the Paid Sick Leave law. This benefit includes your regular rate of pay or an average based on the past 90 days.


Workers’ Compensation:

If you are unable to do your usual job because you were exposed to and contracted COVID-19 during the regular course of your work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.


The benefit includes temporary disability (TD) payments, which begin when your doctor says you can’t do your usual work for more than 3 days or you are hospitalized overnight.


You may be entitled to TD for up to 104 weeks. TD stops when either you return to work, your doctor releases you for work, or your doctor says your illness has improved as much as it’s going to.


TD generally pays two-thirds of the gross wages you lose while you are recovering from a work-related illness or injury, up to a maximum weekly amount set by law. In addition, eligible employees are entitled to medical treatment and additional payments if a doctor determines you suffered a permanent disability because of the illness.


Tax Assistance

The federal income tax filing deadline changed from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties.

Directly from the Employment Development Department: “Employers experiencing a hardship as a result of COVID-19 may request up to a 60-day extension of time from the EDD to file their state payroll reports and/or deposit state payroll taxes without penalty or interest. A written request for extension must be received within 60 days from the original delinquent date of the payment or return.

For questions, employers may call the EDD Taxpayer Assistance Center.

  • Toll-free from the U.S. or Canada: 1-888-745-3886
  • Hearing impaired (TTY): 1-800-547-9565
  • Outside the U.S. or Canada: 1-916-464-3502”

(For more information, click here!)

The Franchise Tax Board has also extended personal and business tax filings to July 15, 2020. A full list of tax filers and their due dates can be found here.




Local Technical Assistance


Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation  


Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (VSEDC) is the South Los Angeles Business Source Center that provides affordable business assistance services, financial assistance, entrepreneurial training and economic development to individuals and businesses in California.


(VSEDC) has proudly received the distinction as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) making it one of the only non-profits in South Los Angeles authorized to assess and distribute funding. Designed to serve low-Income people and/or those who work in economically-distressed communities, CDFIs provide a unique and wide range of development services, financial products, and financial services that help customers build wealth and achieve the goal of participating in the “ownership” society.


VSEDC takes the health and safety of our community with absolute seriousness. In light of concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), their team now offers a limited number of virtual coaching sessions including but not limited to: 

Crisis Communication: Protecting Your Brand

Sustainability: Shifting in Times of Crisis


To schedule a coaching session, please complete the assessment available here and follow-up with an email to [email protected]. Next, please Download the FREE Zoom app, available on both iPhone and Android devices. 


Please click here for VSEDC FREE Webinars to see the different topics offered to help your business cope with COVID-19 and make sure you sign up for their services.



Pacific Coast Regional Small Business Development Center (Los Angeles Small Business Development Center)


The primary mission of Pacific Coast Regional (PCR) Small Business Development Corporation is the promotion of community development, through the delivery of financial and educational services to undeserved small business persons and communities.

PCR is a private, non-profit corporation founded in 1977 to assist small business owners in becoming successful members of the Southern California business community. Through contracts with the federal government, the state of California, and partnerships with private institutions, PCR provides financial, educational and consulting services. Our primary goal is to help the small business owner succeed.
The PCR team is pleased to offer our consulting services in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Hebrew, as needed.

Please contact us at (213) 674-2696 to schedule your appointment.

For more information please visit:



City of Los Angeles Economic Workforce Development Department (EWDD)


They City of Los Angeles established the LA CARES Corps to help businesses apply for Federal Loans.  Please learn more here: LA CARES Corps

EWDD has also complied a Policy Guide to help small businesses keep up with regulatory, procedural, safety standard recommendations.  Please visit learn more here: City of Los Angeles COVID 19 Policy Guide


EDD offers over $600 million in direct and indirect financing and technical assistance programs that promote business growth and job creation in economically depressed areas of the City. There are an array of economic development and assistance measures developed specifically for the City's business community. Targeted business services are carried out in conjunction with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and L.A.'s Business Team (the Mayor's special division in charge of business growth and retention in the City). Visit Business Services for more information.



Moratorium on Commercial Evictions


Mayor Eric Garcetti's order on commercial evictions will be in place until March 31 (unless extended)

Landlords cannot evict a commercial tenant who is unable to pay rent due to loss of income related to COVID-19 Eligible tenants will have up to three months following the expiration of the local emergency period to repay any back due rent.


Webinars and other resources


Los Angeles County Development Authority-BizHelp Program

The BizHelp Program provides a diverse array of FREE technical assistance webinars to help businesses large and small navigate through economic uncertainty and prepare them for a post-COVID-19 economy.  To see a list of upcoming FREE webinars click: Schedule of Free Webinars


Small Business Majority-COVID-19 Daily Updates for Small Business

As developments continue to unfold in response to the spread of COVID-19, we know many small businesses have questions about implications in the workplace and funding options to help bolster their businesses during this difficult time. We are compiling relevant tips and resources and information on new funding opportunities and policy developments that we are sharing on our website and through online presentations. Small Business Majority will be posting daily updates to this page with useful information about the ways small businesses can prepare for the impact of COVID-19 on their business and community.

Click here for the latest: Small Business COVID-19 webinars


City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation: Food Pick up Zone and Retail Pick Up Zone

LADOT is helping restaurants that provide made-to-order food pick-up options by supplying parking signs free of charge to businesses that apply using the form below. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the application form here: Food Pick Up Zone Application Form
  2. Upon approval, LADOT will install within two business days temporary signs (example on left) that will indicate a dedicated food pick-up location near your restaurant.
  3. If you have questions, email [email protected]

LADOT is helping retail establishments provide pick-up only options by supplying parking signs free-of-charge to businesses that apply using the form below. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the application form here: Retail Pick Up Zone Application Form
  2. Upon approval, LADOT will install within three business days temporary sign(s) that will indicate a dedicated retail pick-up location near your store.


Spectrum Reach-Free Commercial for Small Business

Spectrum Reach has partnered with Waymark to offer free videos small businesses can make on their own and use wherever they need.  Use the: 30 second video to promote new hours or new features. Use the video on social media, a Website, or on TV – however best.


How does it work?  Choose from a variety of high-quality video templates.  They’re tried-and-true styles that are proven to be effective, and it takes just minutes to customize them.  Packed with information, these videos are designed to introduce new business operations and features as well as tell a new audience everything they need to know. and use promo code "REACH" at checkout to get your free video.




Small Business Majority es una organización nacional de defensa de las pequeñas empresas, fundada y administrada por propietarios de pequeñas empresas para garantizar que los empresarios de los Estados Unidos sean una parte clave de una economía inclusiva, equitativa y diversa. Involucramos activamente a propietarios de pequeñas empresas y legisladores que apoyan a las soluciones de políticas públicas, y brindamos información y recursos a empresarios que promueven el crecimiento de pequeñas empresas y conducen una economía de creación de empleo sólida y sustentable. Nuestros estudios de opinón cientifica, e investigación económica nos ayudan a instruir e informar a los legisladores, los medios y otras partes interesadas sobre cuestiones clave que afectan a las pequeñas empresas y los que trabajan por su propia cuenta, incluye temas sobre el acceso a capital, impuestos, jubilación y otros problemas laborales.


Para mas informacion y actualizaciones diarias para pequena empresas por favor visite :Small Business Majority Espanol

As part of the “New 9th” initiative, Councilman Price established the CD9 Business Resource Center, co-located in our District Office at Central Avenue & 43rd Street.

The mission of the CD9 Business Resource Center (BRC) is to assist entrepreneurs and business owners gain easy local access to business development tools, services, and training. The programs and events are designed to nurture the growth of For-Profit companies, Community-Based organizations, Faith-Based and Non-Profit organizations in our community. By providing support and access to resources and services, we believe we can help ignite economic development in our neighborhoods.

The CD9 BRC strategic alliances includes Distinguished Partners who provide technical assistance services, access to exports, resources, capital and contract opportunities, and business organization affiliates.



  • Los Angeles Latin Chamber of Commerce
  • Black Business Association
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • National Association of Minority Contractors
  • Port of Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles World Airports




Business Education, Training, and Business Calendar 


Aplique antes de 17 de agusto 2021 aqui:

Unemployed and Looking for Work?




For those whose jobs have been impacted by COVID-19, this website enables unemployed or underemployed Angelenos to find and apply to job opportunities across all industries, so they can start working right NOW. To start searching visit:









The Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center has office hours at the CD9 Constituent Services Center and can assist finding employment.


LATTC/VERNON-CENTRAL WORKSOURCE CENTER Office Hours @ CD9 Constituent Services Center

Date: Wednesday's at 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Location: Council District 9 Constituent Services Center, 4301 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles 90011


¿Desempleado y en busca de trabajo?

El Centro de Trabajo de Vernon-Central / LATTC tiene horarios de atención en el Centro de Servicios Constituyentes CD9 y puede ayudarlo a encontrar un empleo.


Fecha: cada miércoles a las 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Lugar: Centro de Servicios Constituyentes del Distrito 9, 4301 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles 90011







Targeted Local Hire Program

City of Los Angeles

Due to the current health concerns related to COVID-19 these orientations have been cancelled until further notice.











Largest Employers in Los Angeles – Find 1000’s of vacancies by clicking on the links below

County of Los Angeles


City of Los Angeles


Federal Gov’t (US)

State of CA


Northrop Grumman Corp.

LA Metro

LAHSA and Affiliates

Resources and Videos for JOB SEEKERS


Dedicated Public Servant Named Executive Director of

CD 9 Business Resource Center


Mike Castillo—a former Field Deputy in the 9th District since 2013—was recently appointed by Councilman Curren Price as the Executive Director of the Business Resource Center (BRC). In this role, Castillo is responsible for helping local entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive.

The BRC brings resources, information and activities year-round to businesses in District 9. Castillo will operate from the BRC Office located in the Constituent Services Center on 43rd Street and Central Avenue.

“For the past four years, Mike has worked fervently to support and empower our local neighborhoods,” Councilman Price said. “He understands the opportunities and challenges affecting our community, and that local knowledge will allow him to dive right in and make a difference.”

Castillo’s decades-long experience includes work in the California State Assembly, California State Senate and the City of Los Angeles. Most recently, as a Field Deputy for Councilman Price, he oversaw constituent and business related issues in the Northeastern and Eastern portion of the Ninth District.

Castillo, who was a Polanco Fellow of the California Latino Caucus, has a passion for community and public service. As a Polanco Fellow, he worked at the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) in the agency’s Global Equity Unit and Corporate Governance division.

The Los Angeles native worked with Councilman Price during his previous tenure in the California State Senate, and would later join then-Assemblyman Steve Bradford’s staff. His professional background consists of working for a number of political campaigns, as well as issues related to commerce, labor, public safety and immigration.

Mike Castillo has dedicated his life to being a public servant since graduating from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Chicano Studies.

To reach the Business Resource Center, call (323) 846-2651.


Community Calendar Report a Neighborhood Issue Business Resource Center