27th Street Incident

27th Street Incident: LA City Response and Support to Lift Up Impacted Residents and Business Owners  of District 9, While More Help Is On The Way

The collective mission of the City of Los Angeles and our agency partners will continue to work to see the recovery process through to the end. Resiliency does not occur overnight.  Rather, it takes coordination efforts such as this operation to ensure tools are available to begin reshaping perspectives and physical landscapes.  Through this shared experience, residents and service providers alike are creating a new normal in the wake of disaster.  One that consists of prepared individuals, families and business owners who communicate effectively with one another and have plans in place to withstand detrimental impacts to their community.

Incident Overview: On June 30th at approximately 7:30 p.m. there was a major explosion in South Los Angeles due to the detonation of illegal fireworks and improvised explosive devices seized by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The collective mission of the City of Los Angeles and our agency partners will continue to work to see the recovery process through to the end.  

Immediate Disaster Relief

  • Local Assistance Center
    In order to support and meet the needs of families affected by this event, Councilman Curren Price’s Office (CD 9) in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles' Emergency Management Department (EMD) , opened a Local Assistance Center (LAC) in the impacted neighborhood from July 4th - 16th, 2021. 

    The LAC is a coordinated effort to ease the burden on impacted families, by meeting the community where they are and removing possible barriers in navigating and accessing supportive resources. This was achieved at the LAC where service providers from the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, non-profit and private sector, formed a one-stop shop to address the community’s immediate and long-term needs. Resources at the LAC included on-site mental health counseling services, the ability to file official claims for property damage, along with other essential services. 
    • Nearly 300: clients registered at the Local Assistance Center (LAC)
    • Over 30: Agencies present at the LAC to engage and directly serve community members and local residents
    • Over 900: Table touches - Individuals visited the informational tables at the LAC 

For information regarding the agencies that provided assistance, please visit https://emergency.lacity.org/blog/27th-street-incident-update

Special thanks to the Office of Councilman Curren Price (Council District 9), for their proactiveness in engaging directly with impacted community members, ensuring that the City gains a deep understanding of the community’s needs, and for advocating on their behalf to ensure their needs are being met, every step of the way. The City thanks the Emergency Network Los Angeles and the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) for swiftly coordinating the non-profit sector incident response, and ensuring that all resource gaps were immediately filled. Additional thanks goes out to the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and St. John's Medical Clinic for ensuring mental health and medical assessments have been consistently made available to members of the community. These services are essential to residents’ well-being and the path to recovery.

Ongoing Community Support and Resources

  • Cash Assistance
    Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Curren Price have distributed debit cards directly to families affected by the explosion, intended to provide a stop-gap as more substantial relief is on the way. Funds were provided by the Mayor’s Fund, a non-profit designed to rapidly respond with support to crises and help carry out the Mayor’s vision to improve life for all Angelenos.
  • Councilman Curren Price presents the CD 9 $1 Million Dollar Emergency Relief Fund

            Using funds from Price’s Environmental Equity, Reimagining Public Safety Dollars, the new District 9 program will help with:

  • Home repairs from broken windows to plumbing, and other structural repairs 
  • Provide first-class, quality, longer-term housing to the individuals that have been displaced 
  • And, lastly, financial assistance in the amount of $10,000 for 25 pre-identified severely impacted households
    • Recipients do not have to pay any of this money back and will not impact a family's ability to file a claim or pursue legal action and it is up to their discretion if they would like to accept assistance from the Office of Councilman Price
  • Temporary Housing
    Councilman Curren Price’s Office is working directly with  the  Los Angeles Community Investment for Families Department to provide impacted residents with temporary longer-term housing solutions for those that cannot return to their homes due to the incident. The facilities offer such amenities as a kitchen, a washer and dryer in the unit and parking.
  • Mental Health Support
    Mental Health support has been offered to residents at both the Local Assistance Center and the Community Resource Center. Cases have been opened for residents affected by the incident to provide ongoing mental health support with the support of several local partners including: 




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