City Hall Team

Photo: Curtis Earnest

Curtis Earnest
Chief of Staff

Photo: Sherilyn Correa

Sherilyn Correa
Director of Planning
& Economic Development

Photo: Angelina D. Valencia

Angelina D. Valencia
Communications Director

Photo: Bryce Rosauro

Bryce Rosauro
Legislative Director

Photo: Marisa Alcaraz

Marisa Alcaraz
Policy Director

Photo: Jacquelyn Horton

Jacquelyn Horton
Director of Public Infrastructure Development

Photo: Edgar Morales

Edgar Morales
Associate Planning Deputy

Photo: Candy Barreda

Candy Barreda
Office Manager

Photo: Jackie Martinez

Jackie Martinez
Executive Assistant

Photo: Erin Nash

Erin Nash
Council Aide

Photo: James Westbrooks

James Westbrooks
District Director

Photo: Andrea Greene

Andrea Greene
Director of Community Programs

District Office Team

Photo: Mike Castillo

Mike Castillo
Executive Director of the Business Resource Center

Photo: Angie Reyes English

Angie Reyes English
Senior Field Deputy

Photo: Jose Ugarte

Jose Ugarte
Field Deputy

Photo: Nora Gutierrez

Nora Gutierrez
Field Deputy

Photo: Brittney Johnson

Brittney Johnson
Field Deputy

Photo: Genevieve Arce

Genevieve Arce
Field Deputy

Photo: Loma White

Loma White
Senior Field Deputy

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