Erin Nash
Council Aide

My job entailsErin Nash currently serves as a Council Aide in the New 9th Council District, and assists with City Hall operations and  provides staff and administrative support. She is point on issues related to housing.  She also assists with staffing the Councilmember during Council Meetings, and Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee.  

What most excites me about my work is: I am constantly intrigued by the issues the City addresses  that many times  set a precedent for the Nation. I am grounded by the daily work that helps me meet our constituents at the level of their need, and being able to work on issues that help positively impact Angelenos daily lives.  

In the past, I have worked withCouncilmember Felipe Fuentes

My all-time role models is my aunt Gina, she didn't allow barriers define what she could achieve  and she lived her life authentically. 

The best advice I’d give to my younger self is: To understand that you have no limits to what you want in life. 

My favorite book of all time is: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

The three things I can’t live without are: Self-Care, Water, and Sushi


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