Children and Families of All Abilities Celebrate the Grand Opening of Vermont Gage Park



LOS ANGELES – Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr., the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and hundreds of local children gathered on April 30 to celebrate the Grand Opening of Vermont Gage Park—a $1.7 million, inclusive playground that unites children of all abilities.

The new park was designed by Shane’s Inspiration, a non-profit organization that builds universally accessible playgrounds that are sensory rich, developmentally appropriate and safe for individuals with disabilities, including Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Being that one-third of the population in the Ninth District is under 18 years old, the newest park in Council District 9, at 6264 S. Vermont Ave., is a welcomed addition to South L.A. families.

“I want to ensure that all children in Council District 9 have access to every opportunity imaginable,” Price said. “No matter who they are or what zip code a child belongs to, he or she should be guaranteed every opportunity to succeed and thrive, and that includes access to quality parks and recreational facilities.”

Vermont Gage includes castle-themed playground areas with resilient surfacing, a walking path, fencing and landscaping. This is the third park to open under Price’s leadership; Wall Street Park opened to the public in December 2013, followed by Avalon Gage Park, which opened in January 2015.

The new park is adjacent to 79 units of subsidized housing. The affordable housing complex got an $8 million renovation with the help of Thomas Safran & Associates and the local nonprofit Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD).

“The Department of Recreation and Parks is proud to open Vermont Gage Park, which brings new recreational opportunities for youth and their families of all abilities to gather, play, and enjoy together,” said Michael A. Shull, General Manager, Recreation and Parks. “Today through the 50 Park Initiative program, we have opened six new parks in South Los Angeles that are within a one-half mile of its neighborhood and we look forward to adding more in communities lacking green space."

Since taking office in 2013, Councilman Price has championed much-needed repairs and improvements to historically underfunded neighborhood parks—helping to invest more than $36 million in upgrades to improve the health and quality of life of families and children in the district.

In the coming months, Central Park’s pool and playground will be completed; Trinity and Ross Snyder parks will get new synthetic soccer fields; and Vermont Square will get a new playground, fitness zone, and improved basketball courts.







Mark your calendars!


We are only weeks away from the first-ever Latina Conference in Council District 9. We have a great line-up in store that includes live entertainment, motivational speakers, informative panel discussions, an art exhibit, fashion show and more.

Best of all, it’s a FREE event. Latinas of the Ninth, have you registered yet?

To register online visit or call (424) 287-7369.


Ya solo faltan pocas semanas para “Mujeres Destinadas a Triunfar” – la primera conferencia anual de Latinas en el Noveno Distrito. Usted no va querer perderse este evento especial, que incluye paneles informativos sobre temas importantes como inmigración y salud, entretenimiento en vivo, un desfile de moda, una exposición de artes, y mucho más.

Lo mejor de todo es que es un evento gratuito. ¿Latinas del Noveno Distrito, se han registrado?

Para registrase en línea visite o llame al (424) 287-7369.


Save the Date: 1st Ever Latina Conference in Council District 9


In partnership with Telemundo and La Opinión, I will be hosting “Mujeres Empowered for Success,” the first-ever Latina Conference in Council District 9 on May 14 at L.A. Trade Tech from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (registration begins at 8 a.m.) We have a great line-up in store for the day, including guest speakers RaqC and Linda Griego, as well as the participation of Telemundo Anchor Enrique Chiabra and Radio Personality Josefa Salinas as emcees.

During the course of the program, attendees will be treated to motivational speakers, insightful panel discussions on issues like immigration and health, an exhibitor area, networking sessions, live entertainment, a fashion show, an arts exhibit, and much more. Participants will also receive complimentary breakfast and lunch.

The special event is designed to empower local Latinas in CD 9 to achieve their personal and professional aspirations in spite of socio-economic and cultural barriers.

Space for “Mujeres Empowered for Success” is limited so please make sure to register for the free event online. The deadline for tickets ends on Thursday, May 12. If you would like more information on the event or need help registering, please call us at (424) 287-7369. For updates on the conference, visit

This event is free and open to the public.

¡Gracias y que vivan las mujeres!

#New9thLatinaConference #MujeresdelNovenoDistrito

Traducción en español a continuación

En asociación con Telemundo y La Opinión, estoy orgulloso de presentar “Mujeres Destinadas a Triunfar” – la primera conferencia anual de Latinas en el Noveno Distrito. Esperamos que puedan unirse a nosotros el sábado 14 de mayo en L.A. Trade Tech de 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. (la registracion empieza a las 8 a.m.) Usted no va querer perderse este evento especial, con la participación de oradores principales RaqC y Linda Griego, y el presentador de noticias Enrique Chiabra y la personalidad de la radio Josefa Salinas como emcees.

Durante el transcurso del programa, las mujeres tendrán acceso a paneles informativos sobre temas importantes como inmigración y salud, entretenimiento en vivo, un desfile de moda, una exposición de artes, y mucho más. Se servirá desayuno y almuerzo gratis.

El evento está diseñado a inspirar a las Latinas del distrito luchar por sus sueños a pesar de obstáculos socioeconómicos o culturales.

Este evento es gratuito. Espacio para la conferencia es limitado así que por favor asegúrese de registrarse en línea antes del jueves 12 de mayo. Para registrarse, o si desea que alguien de nuestro equipo se comunique con usted, llámenos al (424) 287-7369. Para estar al tanto de la conferencia, visite

Este evento es gratuito y está abierto al público.

¡Gracias y que vivan las mujeres!

#New9thLatinaConference #MujeresdelNovenoDistrito




Councilmember Price Announces $1 Million Cleanup Effort to Combat Trash in the 9th District



LOS ANGELES – City Councilmember Curren Price, in partnership with LA Sanitation and Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), announced on Feb. 22 a $1 million investment to cleanup South LA streets. The local initiative is part of the Councilmember’s “Clean & Green” campaign—a multifaceted, 360-degree approach to combat the trash problem plaguing the District 9 community.

During a “Clean & Green” kick-off event at Maple Primary Center, the Councilmember said he allocated $300,000 in funding toward increased LA Sanitation services specifically targeting the Ninth District, and an additional $370,000 for the local nonprofit CRCD to provide supplemental bulky item pick-up of discarded mattresses, used furniture and other debris littering neighborhood streets.

An additional $400,000 was designated for hundreds of trash cans to be placed throughout the District, including solar-powered trash compactors and automated litter bins. Before Councilmember Price was elected to office in 2013, the city had approximately 15 city-operated trash cans in District 9.

“We’ve put together a comprehensive plan that will help remove trash from our streets, alleys and sidewalks and make CD 9 more beautiful and livable,” Price said. “I am confident we can win the war on trash. However, it won’t happen overnight, and it calls for an all-hands on deck approach, including the Council Office, residents and businesses. If we are to clear our neighborhoods of mounds of trash, we will need the ongoing cooperation of our neighbors to maintain them in a state of cleanliness.”

During the celebratory announcement that featured more than 30 first-graders from Maple Primary and LA Sanitation brand mascots “Octoclean” and “Mr. Recycle,” Councilmember Price also unveiled a new 311 billboard Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign in the Ninth District. The billboard space was donated by Lamar Advertising Company and the PSAs can be seen district-wide in English and Spanish, urging residents to report illegal dumping, bulky items, and graffiti removal.    

Councilmember Price commended the partnering organizations for their respective roles and praised them for their commitment to neighborhood cleanliness.

“LA Sanitation is a proud partner of Councilmember Curren Price and the residents of the NEW 9th,” said LA Sanitation Director, Enrique C. Zaldivar, PE. “LASAN is committed to supporting Councilmember Price’s Clean & Green

program goals along with his vision of enriching the quality of life. With enhanced LASAN services, funded by Councilmember Price's office, residents will receive increased trash collection, expanded bulky item collection services, and three dedicated crews to identify and treat chronic litter locations. 

“As we move beyond this stepped-up effort, LASAN will remain visible in the Ninth District to protect public health and the environment through our Clean Streets LA program.”

As part of a public education campaign, Councilmember Price’s office will spearhead monthly community clean-ups, and the Sanitation department will conduct outreach at schools, with neighborhood groups, and other community groups in the Ninth District. 

For more information on the “Clean & Green” campaign, call the Constituent Services Center at (323) 846-2651.


Making Strides to Help the City’s Homeless


The L.A. City Council on Feb. 9 reached a critical milestone by adopting a comprehensive strategy to help end homelessness.

Recognizing there is no one strategy to reduce record-high homelessness in Los Angeles, the new plan outlines specific approaches to help individuals living on the street. From the woman escaping domestic violence to homeless youth; persons with mental illness or those with substance abuse problems.

The newly adopted plan includes dozens of solutions to properly address the myriad of needs in the homeless population. Winning the war on homelessness will require time, a combination of short-term and long-term solutions, a plethora of services, and, of course, housing, and jobs. But we’ll get there.

It’s about getting the single mother with her two children out of their car and back into housing as quickly as possible. It’s about getting John or Jane Doe into transitional housing and wrapping services around him or her to address their addiction issues. It’s understanding that everyone has different needs, and as caring individuals we have a moral obligation to meet them. 

Every day, we are making strides and doing everything in our power to help reduce the number of people and families living on the streets, in tents or vehicles.

The full report is extremely thorough, but here are a few of the main highlights:

  1. Strengthen Coordinated Entry System, a no-wrong door approach, countywide system that would track homeless residents and connect them to resources;
  2. Expand first responder (law enforcement, fire departments, and paramedics) training for homeless;
  3. Identify public land for potential affordable and homeless housing and temporary shelter;
  4. Establish employment development programs for homeless;
  5. Increase the availability of rapid re-housing, such as with housing subsidies, to keep people from becoming homeless.

I’m sad to say, this is an issue that hits a little too close to home for my taste. In fact, Council District 9 has the largest concentration of homeless in the City outside of Skid Row.

That is why my office has implemented a few local measures to alleviate the crisis in our own backyard.

As of January, we now have additional homeless service providers solely dedicated to conducting outreach in District 9. These folks are based out of our Constituent Services Center and are out in the street daily interacting with those in need and connecting them to much-needed services. 

We will be organizing a comprehensive task force that will include local homeless service providers such as the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS), LAPD, and Clergy. However, it is important that we address not only the needs of the homeless population, but also the concerns of the community as well.

Right now, we have an unprecedented collaboration with the city and the county, and it’s important to keep the momentum going. This is not a battle that is going to be won over night. It’s going to be long term and shaping how we prevent homelessness with housing and economic development is a big part of that fight.

If you want to learn more about our local efforts, please call our Constituent Services Center at (323) 846-2051.




Curren D. Price Jr.,

Councilmember, Ninth District of Los Angeles



The 2016 Homeless Count is here

On January 28th, communities across the country will begin conducting their annual Homeless Point-in-Time Counts. Point-in-Time Counts measure both the number of homeless people in shelters and the number of homeless people who are unsheltered for example: people who are sleeping any place unfit for human habitation, such as the street, a car, or alley. 

As the representative of the Ninth Council District, I want to make sure I do my part to end homelessness.  One of the first steps to achieve this goal, is to help identify the exact number of homeless people living in our community. These counts are used by homeless service providers, researchers, advocates and funders, as they are the only source of data on the homeless population.  

Please join us as we volunteer to count and do our part to end homelessness. 

When : Thursday, January 28th, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.

Where: Council District Nine Constituent Service Center, 4301 S Central Ave., Los Angeles CA 90011

For more information or to volunteer, contact my District Office at (323) 846-2651

Join us for our Annual Holiday Open House and Toy Drive




Community Applauds Closure of Long Time, South Los Angeles Nuisance Bar



 In a significant victory for the community, longtime nuisance business El Arroyo Bar is closing after years of outcry from area residents.

Described as a neighborhood eyesore and headache, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office in 2008 designated El Arroyo Bar, on 7026 S. Broadway, a nuisance property.

Members of the community have long complained of loitering, public urination, narcotics use, littering, noise, gang activity, illegal parking, and public drinking by the bar’s customers.

Authorities called the business a breeding ground for gangs and illegal activity. Since 2009, the bar racked up more than 50 violations. In addition, the Los Angeles Police Department reported a total of 29 arrests and investigative reports in the last four years.

LAPD, the Department of City Planning, and the Office of Zoning Administration have been actively involved in the abatement case for El Arroyo Bar since 2009. During the last six years, this process included making suggestions for improvement, meetings with the owners, holding five public hearings, imposing corrective conditions, and hundreds of hours of investigations, inspections, monitoring, and administrative processing.

Just this week, City Councilmembers revoked a Conditional Use Permit, which allowed El Arroyo Bar to sell alcohol on the property—shutting down the problematic bar for good.




Dia De Los Muertos 2015

Nearly 4,000 Angelenos attended our 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival on Friday, Oct. 30. It was great to see our community come together to support this very special event, which honors friends and family members who have passed on.

Cerca de 4,000 angelinos asistieron nuestro festival de Dia de los Muertos este viernes pasado, 30 de octubre. Nos dio mucho placer ver a toda la comunidad unirse para celebrar nuestros amigos y familiares que han fallecido.



You're Invited to "Getting the Competitive Edge to Fund Your Non-Profit"

 Calling all L.A. area grant-seekers!


In response to decreasing resources and increasing demand for non-profit agencies, Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr. will be hosting a daylong, funding readiness and training event this Thursday, Aug. 20 from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. aimed at providing non-profit organizations in the area with the tools they need to meet the needs of under-served communities.

“Getting the Competitive Edge to Fund Your Non-Profit” is a collaboration between private foundations, grant makers, funding sources and the NEW 9th’s Business Resource Center, which helps to provide the area’s entrepreneurs and business owners access to existing business development tools, services and training.

There is still time to register for the event, which is free and open to the public. Don't miss this opportunity - we look forward to seeing you there!

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