About Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr.

Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Curren D. Price, Jr. is proud of his roots, and his public service experience has consistently stood up for working-class families.

In 2013, he was elected to represent the Los Angeles 9th Council District with a focus on economic development, cleaning up neighborhoods, tackling blight and advocating for more resources and services. He was re-elected for another term in March 2017.

In his role as City Councilmember, Price is the Chair of the Council’s Economic Development Committee, and serves on the committees on Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM); Homelessness and Poverty; Immigrant Affairs, Civil Rights, and Equity; Arts, Entertainment, Parks, and River; Personnel and Animal Welfare, as well as the Ad-Hoc Committee on the 2028 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

He launched his decades-long career in 1993 as a public servant on the Inglewood City Council. Price then went on to serve in the California State Legislature as an Assemblymember in 2006 where he served as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Elections and Redistricting and Committee on Governmental Organization. In 2009, as a State Senator, he chaired the Business and Professions Committee and was chosen by his colleagues to lead the California Legislative Black Caucus, as Chair, in 2010.

In his current post as Los Angeles City Councilman, Price has a personal commitment to bettering the lives of low-income families and children. In 2014, he introduced policy to raise the wage for hotel workers to $15.37 per hour. One year later, he led the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2020. In addition, Price played a key role in the adoption of a citywide policy requiring employers to offer 48 hours of paid sick leave per year.

He has actively supported local projects that promote economic opportunity and consistently pushed for good-paying “local hire” labor agreements that benefit constituents of the Ninth District. A former entrepreneur, he is a proud supporter of small and minority business owners, and in October 2014 opened the Business Resource Center (BRC) to provide residents access to business development tools, services and training.

Price remains committed to turning the community around and making neighborhoods safer, cleaner and greener. Under his leadership, more than $40 million has been invested into public parks and recreation. To combat the trash problem and promote cleanliness districtwide, he has led an unprecedented effort to remove more than 15,000 tons of trash since 2013 and has secured the addition of hundreds of new trash cans. To address the homelessness crisis in a responsible and humane way, Price was a sponsor of the successful $1.2 billion bond measure HHH, which voters approved last November to help build 10,000 housing units with wrap-around support services over the next decade.

A diligent, focused and determined student, Price earned a scholarship to Stanford University where he would graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He also received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Santa Clara, School of Law. Price also holds lifetime teaching credential for Adult Education and for the Community Colleges.

After law school, Price went to work in the private sector, first in export management in West Los Angeles and later in the satellite communications industry in Washington DC. In 1989, he returned to Los Angeles driven by a desire to give back to his community. He started a “quick print” business, served as an aide to two South L.A. City Councilmembers and helped provide economic development training and assistance to community-based organizations in South Los Angeles.







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