Historic Groundbreaking for the $1-billion Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

George Lucas, Mellody Hobson and Steven Spielberg stopped by South Los Angeles earlier today to greet a few hundred local dignitaries, community partners and friends in celebration of the historic groundbreaking for the $1- billion Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.
The Lucas Museum, which found its forever home at Expo Park in the heart of CD 9, will allow visitors to experience the power of narrative art across all mediums, including painting, illustration, comic art, photography, film, animation and digital art. The 300,000 square foot non-profit museum will feature collection galleries and exhibition spaces displaying original works of art from world renowned artists, cutting-edge digital technologies and daily film screenings in two state-of-the-art theaters. It will also provide much-needed access to arts education and programming for our local youth. Thank you for choosing CD 9 to be the permanent home of the Lucas Museum; we’ve been waiting for this opportunity a long time!
You can read the entire speech delivered by Councilman Curren Price at the groundbreaking ceremony below.  
  • Hello and welcome to the NEW 9th, or as I like to call it, home to The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
  • I want to thank Mayor Garcetti, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and USC President Max Nikias for your leadership in bringing us to this historic day
  • I’d be remiss not to thank my staff and the City family who worked around-the-clock to get this project approved in under 90 days
  • A truly remarkable feat!
  • I remember coming to Expo Park as an elementary student with my classmates to explore the wonders of the Natural History Museum
  • Of course, things have changed drastically since, but the rich learning experience remains the same
  • And it is one that all children, no matter their zip code, deserve to have
  • My sincerest thanks to George and Mellody for being behind the largest private gift to a U.S. city in the history of our nation
  • Thank you for your commitment to children and families who will walk through your doors and witness the works of art inside this world-class institution   
  • The first time I spoke with George and Mellody, I felt their passion to engage and prepare the next generation of thinkers, leaders and innovators
  • I talked with them about what this cultural institution means to Los Angeles and the rest of the world
  • They expressed a sense of responsibility to society and the surrounding community
  • I spoke at length about the phenomenal impact, particularly to my constituents living just minutes away from here
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to please rise and show our love and appreciation for George and Mellody
  • Since taking office, I have worked to narrow the gaps between CD 9 and more affluent districts in the City
  • In relation to wage inequality, economic opportunities, lack of healthy foods and open spaces, as well as equal access to arts education
  • This has been the driving force behind every decision, including my unyielding support to build this cultural center right here in the Ninth District
  • A lot of the children that I represent have never visited Exposition Park, despite it being in their own backyard
  • To some, museums are uninviting and foreign places
  • Maybe they look at their skin color and think to themselves, “I don’t belong”
  • Perhaps they hesitate visiting one, concerned their family won’t be able to afford it
  • From day one, George and Mellody said they yearned to create a sense of community
  • That they were dedicated to providing outreach and engagement to our schools, faith-based institutions, nonprofits and stakeholders
  • This would be a special place where America’s melting pot of cultures would could come together to experience something unlike anything we’ve ever seen
  • We understand its significance to the lives of all Angelenos, but most importantly, our young people who stand to gain the most
  • The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has the potential to touch hundreds of thousands of local students across 100 K-12 public and charter schools in the area
  • Not to mention millions of children throughout the world!
  • Now, if this isn’t a powerful statement, I don’t know what is!
  • I grew up with a deep appreciation of the arts and music
  • Visiting museums, playing the piano, singing in the church choir
  • And I want the next generation of leaders of every creed and background to experiment the same
  • George and Mellody are doing more than leaving a footprint and piece of their hearts in our community
  • They’re entrusting us with a bigger-than-life legacy and linking it to our future
  • We have a shared vision to create pathways to success and increase opportunities to South LA residents
  • Here, at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is where imagination and creativity will breed
  • A magical place where out-of-the-box ideas will generate and bold dreams will manifest
  • A museum where the young (and young at heart) will come face-to-face with Norman Rockwell’s genius
  • Or perhaps in a future workshop here, we’ll discover the next playwright, producer or, who knows, the next George Lucas
  • This investment goes far beyond the $1.5 billion charitable gift
  • The private collection, movie memorabilia and exhibitions …
  • Public lectures & classes, workshops and year-round educational programming
  • The addition of thousands of new construction and permanent jobs with a commitment to local hire
  • And, of course, the chance to strengthen arts education in an underserved community
  • I grew up in the Ninth District where projects like the Lucas Museum and Los Angeles Football Club soccer stadium were unimaginable
  • Today, they’re putting us on the map and allowing us to rise to our full potential
  • I hope to be back again for the grand opening with a few of our local kids in tow
  • Once again, thank you for choosing CD 9 to be the permanent home of the Lucas Museum … we’ve been waiting for this opportunity a long time!



Thank you, Rose!

For Women's History Month allow me to introduce you to Rose Rios, selected as this year’s Ninth District Pioneer Woman.

Rose is a proud Afro-Cuban American, and the Founder and CEO of Cover the Homeless Ministry, a nonprofit dedicated to aid the City’s homeless population. Her organization helps provide everything from meals, to clean clothing, hygiene products and a safe place to sleep.

Rose was born in Lexington Mississippi to sharecroppers and was one of nine children living in a one bedroom home. Her family moved to California in 1951 where her lifelong community service started. Following her parents example, Rose dedicated herself to giving back to the community.  

Rose is a tireless volunteer, who has dedicated her life to humanitarian efforts from fostering children to caring for the elderly. Today, she also makes time to be on the Board of the South Central Family Health Center and continues to be dedicated to those in need.

Women like Rose drive change in their community and inspire hope for the future. To women, everywhere. ¡Que vivan las mujeres! 


Estelle Van Meter Multipurpose Senior Center: A One-Stop Shop for the CD 9 Community

Speaking in front of a crowd of nearly 200 residents, Councilman Curren Price announced Thursday the expansion of critical services for older adults at the Estelle Van Meter Multipurpose Senior Center grand re-opening and ribbon cutting.

Councilman Price recently secured a historic, annual budget allocation of nearly half a million dollars for the center, allowing older adults in the community to benefit from a variety of free services, including:

  • Transportation
  • Hot lunch and groceries
  • Classes and recreational activities
  • Legal assistance
  • In-home support services

“Today, more than half a million people age 60 years old and older live in the City of Los Angeles,” said Councilman Price. “I’m deeply committed to honoring our older adult population and making South LA a more vibrant community for all ages.”

The Estelle Van Meter Multipurpose Senior Center will also provide CalFresh and Medicare enrollment on-site. As a result of the budget allocation, the center will offer free transportation for local seniors to get to doctor appointments or go grocery shopping, among other things.

"I'm excited for the computer classes, Spanish-language classes, health classes and memory classes, which I need!" said Betty Clemons, a longtime CD 9 resident who attended the celebration. 

The multipurpose center, at 7600 S. Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles 90003, was originally founded 35 years ago by South Los Angeles activist Estelle Van Meter. For more information on the free programming and services available, call Councilman Price’s Constituent Service Center at (323) 846-2651.

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